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Different visits to choose from : TRADITION: 1h, 20€/pers, EXPERIENCE: 1h30, 25€/pers, MILLESIMES: 2h, 50€/pers, NATURE: self-guided walking tour in the vineyards: 30/45 min, 5€/Pers. LUNCHES: about 3h, 2-8 people, price: on request.


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Lafon Rochet

4ème Grand Cru Classé

The estate dates from the early 18th century. The Girondin member of parliament, Étienne de Lafon, then planted vines in his new property located in the place called «La Rochette», in Saint Estèphe. After four changes of ownership, the Château is acquired by the Tesseron family, who work to shape its current identity over the years with a determination that is not devoid of humor, Michel Tesseron sometimes compares himself to a chef who could produce only one single dish per year.

“After years of thinking about solutions to reduce our impact on the environment, we wondered what we could do to have a positive impact,” says Basile Tesseron, who introduced agroforestry to the entire vineyard. This has resulted in the removal of almost 5,000 vines in two years and the planting of 6,000 trees in order to reach the right balance between the vines and the surrounding nature. The property was recently bought by the Lorenzetti family, also owners since 2008 of the nearby Château Lilian Ladouys, but also of Château Pédesclaux, in Pauillac, and 50% of the Château d’Issan in Margaux. »

Vineyard area
42 Ha
Average age of the vines
38 ans
Terroir / Geology
Deep gravels and gravels on clay
Grape varieties
48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, 3.5% Cabernet Franc, 3.5% Petit Verdot
Concrete vats and stainless steel vats, thermoregulated
At least 12 months in barrels
Vineyard management
Reasonable agriculture
Administrative name
Château Lafon-Rochet
Famille Lorenzetti
Christophe Congé


Our wines

Lafon Rochet

The estate's great wine comes from the oldest vines.
Château Lafon-Rochet is a wine that is both simple and complex, it expresses aromas of black fruits in the majority of vintages, there is really a fade and a particular expression of Saint-Estèphe, a certain warmth and roundness while finesse from the Merlot grape variety.
€ inc.VAT

Les Pélerins de Lafon Rochet

Second Wine

Les Pèlerins de Lafon-Rochet, the second wine of the property, is an easy and more affordable wine.
Coming from the youngest vines, we could call it a wine of approach, a kind of initiation before the great wine! It is drunk faster, it is useless to wait decades before tasting it.
Fresh and simple, he nevertheless enjoys the same care as his elder.
€ inc.VAT

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