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In the heart of the vineyards and the châteaux

Saint-Estèphe is one of the most prestigious appellations in the Médoc. It reveals magnificent itineraries in the heart of the vineyards and castles.

Let yourself be guided and seduced by the richness and abundance of this unique region.

Are you curious or passionate about wine? Uncover the secrets of how Saint-Etienne wines are made. Free or guided tours are possible at different times of the year in majestic estates as well as smaller family properties where you can share privileged moments with the winegrowers. 

And to end this great experience, a tasting will show you the fruit of everyone's work.

An anthology of the Saint-Estèphe châteaux which offer you original wine tourism experiences

In the various visits selected will  live unique moments through original activities.

Come and share the experience of wine tourism here!

Lafon Rochet

Visits by appointment Monday to Saturday:

01 May to 31 October from 9h to 18h.
Closed Sundays and public holidays.

Different visits to choose from:

- "TRADITION" -1h, €25/pers.

- "EXPERIENCE" -1h30, €35/pers.

- "VINTAGES" -2h, €50/pers.

- "NATURE" -walking tour in the vineyards in autonomy: 30 min, €5/pers. FR/GB

05 56 59 32 06

Phélan Ségur

A choice of tours:

- "VERTICAL TASTING" -1h, €35/pers.

- "GOURMET MILLESIME" -3h, price on request

- "IN THE BOOTS OF THE CULTURE CHIEF" -2h, from 2 to 18pers 100€/pers.

- "HEART OF THE BARREL" -2h, from 1 to 5pers 100€/pers.

Possibility of lunch at the property

05 56 59 74 00

L'Argilus du Roi

Visit on appointement only by phone and made by the owner.

The Médoc seen from the sky : Aerovino : "Fly and Wine"

06 14 61 18 80

Cos d'Estournel

Monday to Friday. Different tours to choose from:

-"THE MAHARADJAH PALACE" -1h : tasting of 3 wines, €70 per pers.

-"IN THE STEP OF THE MAHARADJAH" -2 to 3h, tasting of 6 wines, from 1 to 6 people, €720. 

- "THE MAHARADJAH TREASURES" -2 to 3h : tasting of 6 wines, from 1 to 6 people, €1800.

Possibility of lunch at the property,


The detail of the services

05 56 73 15 50

La Haye

Monday to Saturday 10am-5:30pm by appointment
Different tours to choose from:

-"CLASSIC VISIT" -  Historical and technical visit,tasting of 2 wines, 1h30, €8 /pers.

"ONLY VISIT" -tasting of 2 or 3 wines, about 30 minutes, €5 /pers.

Closed between Christmas and New Year

"ROMANTIC VISIT" -1h30, 2 people max, €12 /pers.
Details on the castle sheet.

"PRESTIGE VISIT" -complement to the classic visit, tasting in their private lounges, 1h30, €19 /pers.

05 56 52 9 32 18

Les mercredis et vendredis du vigneron

"Les mercredis & vendredis du vigneron" (Winegrower's Wednesdays & Fridays)

Building on last year's success, "Les Mercredis du Vigneron" (Winegrower's Wednesdays), organized by the Maison du Vin de Saint-Estèphe, is expanding this year with a second day of meetings with winegrowers to become "Les Mercredis et Vendredis du Vigneron" (Winegrower's Wednesdays and Fridays).

Free and without reservation, this event offers visitors a unique opportunity to meet and share.

A privileged exchange between wine lovers and winemakers

With some sixty châteaux, the Saint-Estèphe appellation offers a wide choice of wines for wine-lovers. These events offer visitors the chance to talk to professionals about their expertise, and the characteristics and character of Saint-Estèphe wines.
Winegrowers can explain their trade and answer questions from the public. Winegrowers will be on hand to present their wines every Wednesday and Friday from July 12 to August 25, from 2pm to 6pm.

Tasting calendar and participating châteaux

    Park on the square and take the opportunity to visit the Saint-Étienne church, built from 1764 on the walls of a Romanesque church and whose interior is one of the most beautiful Baroque ensembles in the Médoc.

    Before starting your journey, do not hesitate to take a tour of the Maison du Vin to seek advice from the reception team.

    And enjoy a free tasting with an innovative system of wine service by the glass from the French brand, Digby.

    With 1250 hectares of vineyards, Saint-Estèphe is undoubtedly the Médoc appellation that offers the greatest variety of terroirs.

    Between vineyard and estuary, this route will allow you to discover on foot, by bike or by car, its castles scattered in the different hamlets of the village, as well as their rich and singular architecture.

     Take the side roads...

    Fountain of Marbuzet
    Large and made up of two washhouses, it testifies to the importance of the hamlet of Marbuzet
    Fountain-wash house of Aillan
    This fountain is located in the hamlet of Saint-Corbian north of Saint-Estèphe. This village, once an island surrounded by the waters of Reysson's husband, is still today one of the most important hamlets of the parish

    This fountain is located to the west of the commune in the hamlet called 'l'Hôpital de Mignot'. The origin of its name goes back to the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem who had built a chapel to welcome pilgrims and travelers.

    Fountain of Pez

    Fountain of Pez and her wall fresco

    The five fountains of Saint-Estèphe

    At the turn of your walk in the heart of the vineyards and castles, do not hesitate to go see further to the fountains that are part of the unmissable heritage of Saint-Estèphe.

    Indeed, among the treasures hidden in the village of Saint-Estèphe, the fountains hold a major place.

    In the past, long before running water in homes, public fountains were the only places where drinking water was, supplied with wells and streams.
    They were often located in the center of a square and were then a major place of village sociability, a place of exchanges, discussions and sometimes conflicts, to which mainly housewives and children converged, at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

    There were also fountains and washhouses in each hamlet large enough in number
    of inhabitants. This is also the case for that of Aillan where a spring flows and feeds it. Take the path to Bocq, with stone walls and ogive-shaped openings somewhat reminiscent of Gothic architecture.

    Near the Saint-Corbian fountain you can also admire a magnificent old dovecote.

    The fountains located at the hamlets called Marbuzet and Pez are easily visible.

    The huts in the vineyard

    In Saint-Estephe, several huts compose the vineyard. They were once used as shelters for winegrowers who could store their work tools, these huts are now part of the wine heritage, such as this renovated hut part of Château Ormes de Pez. You can admire it before entering the village of Saint-Estèphe by borrowing the road D204, on the right, at the opposite of the cimentery.

    These stone "houses" testify to a past time. Very useful shelters for the winemaker who could take refuge there to take a break, have lunch or shelter in case of bad weather, the hut was also a convenient place to store his tools. The mechanization, the replacement of the horse by the tractor, the faster access between the house and the vineyard have made these constructions less useful, hence their gradual disappearance.

    The architecture of the vineyard huts is very varied. The smaller ones have only one piece. The most sophisticated have two rooms on the ground floor topped by one floor. Inside, there is usually a chimney that allowed the worker to warm up during the break. A few may present some comfort with equipment such as a bottle hole, a small closet, shelves.

    Some cabins can be several centuries old. If most have disappeared or are in a state of ruins, some could be restored by their owner.


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